TEK Bus:School Bus Student Tracking Solutions

TEK Bus highly specialized next generation GPS tracking solution integrated with the varsity student ID cards,TEK Bus Tracking Software helps to trace route performance. TEK Bus was designed considering student safety, accuracy and simple use because the paramount parameters, and therefore the application specialise in ensuring child safety
Better tracking and communication between the oldsters and faculty board fleet management system is that the perfect GPS tracking solution for several fleets, and it won’t disappoint as a faculty.


TEK Bus GPS tracking system. bus GPS Tracking System will Monitor, plan and optimize bus routes to make sure on-time arrivals and departures. our college bus tracking app for folks also can be wont to apply leaves,re-assign pick-up points, and maintain communication.

Benefits of TEK Bus

1. Route Optimization
2. Time and price Efficient
3. Automatic Trip & Route Allocation and Optimization
4. Attendance & Transportation Analytics
5. Two Step authentication & speech alerts.
6. Instant Alert Notification Mechanism

Tek Bus Enables Live Gps Tracking UAE
Tek Bus Enables Live Gps Tracking UAE