Radar Obstacle Detection

Industries such as mining, quarrying, agriculture and construction use machines and plant equipment, which by their very nature pose a danger if they are not managed safely. Blind spots tend to be much larger on these vehicles and include not only the rear and nearside but also the front, especially with elevated driver positions. Terrains are harsh, vehicles are exposed to the elements more aggressively whilst thick dust and darkness decrease visibility further.

Earth moving equipment addresses the problem of blind spots around a vehicle. It states that in order to enable proper, effective and safe operation the operator must be able to ‘detect the presence of a standing person (of approximately. 1.5m tall), 1m out from the perimeter of the machine.’ Camera monitor systems provide this to some extent, but in difficult conditions a range of complementary devices are vital to give visual and audible operator warnings.


Features & Benefits

Backsense radar uses Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) technology, transmitting a continuously varying radar frequency signal with unique time stamps to each instance of the wave. The time of the returning wave is referenced to the stamp without the radar needing to pause transmitting. This gives more accurate detection than alternative radar products using Pulsed Radar technology that transmit a burst of radar and then listen for the returning wave.

Backsense is available in 3 pre-set width and length models and a fully programmable radar, allowing complete control of the radar beam pattern and detection area.  The spread and length of the beam can be set to the width of your vehicle or beyond (from 2m to 10m (6.5ft -33ft) width and 3m to 30m (10ft-98ft) length) and bespoke detection areas can be set to calibrate-out fixed objects or bodywork.

  • Frequency modulated continuous wave radar technology
  • Controlled beam pattern to minimise false warnings
  • Excellent close-in detection
  • 5 stage audible and easy-to-read visual display
  • Suitable for both on- and off-road applications
  • Heavy duty – Designed for severe weather conditions and all terrains
  • Meets Health and Safety requirements
  • Unaffected by moisture, dust, vibration, heat, cold, UV, snow, ice, high wind, water and mud
  • Backsense OSD (Radar On-Screen Display)

    Radar sensor data and camera image combined with Tektron Radar sensors minimise both vehicle damage and collisions by informing the driver of the distance between vehicle and obstacles, whether moving or stationary. Ideal for vehicles and machines manoeuvring at low speed.

    Working in conjunction with a Backeye camera monitor system and up to two Backsense Network radar detection systems (one supplied with the on-screen display module kit), the on-screen display warns the driver of obstacles in the danger zone by overlaying 5-stage audible and visual radar data onto the camera image on the monitor.

    Integration of Tektron’s Backsense object detection systems and Backeye camera monitor systems to improve safety Up to 2 Radar detection warnings overlaid onto camera image on in-cab monitor
    Reduce driver stress and distractions as all information is in one place.

    (Radar On-Screen Display-new )


    TektronBacksense radar sensor systems detect people and objects in vehicle blind spots, significantly reducing accidents. They work effectively in harsh environments and when visibility is poor including darkness, smoke and fog.

    Due to the number of complex blind spots on a vehicle, a single radar cannot always provide the detection you need and numerous in-cab displays for multiple radars can be more of a distraction than a benefit.

    Tektron’s Backsense Networked Radar allows you to connect and link up to 8 radars to cover all blind spots around the machine.

    • Network up to 8 sensors
    • Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave radar technology (FMCW)
    • Filtration of data to remove false alerts
    • Extremely rugged design for severe weather conditions and all terrains
    • Connection via CAN gateway or other customer-supplied Network Host
    Water and Dust Proof Display new