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Intelligent Meeting Room Management System

Tektronix technologies meeting room management system or meeting room booking software is designed to organize your office meeting rooms by avoiding confusion and conflict and ensuring hassle-free bookings using easy to use platforms like office 365 or outlook. thus increasing the productivity of your office environment..

Tektronix’s technologies meeting room management system is equipped with the latest in ai and iot. these empowerments help our meeting room management system, avoid scheduling issues, and provide touchless access to the meeting rooms. This solution also helps reduce administration time and introduces a smarter, more sophisticated booking process into your workplace. 

Meeting Room Booking Software
  • Meeting room manager
  • Book your right Meeting room
  • Easy to book your meeting room
  • Book meetings on fly.
  • Book your meetings on go
  • Tired offinding right meeting room
  • Meeting room solution with customized  display panel background
  • Book your meeting rooms and change  room background as per your events
  • Meeting Room booking solution
  • Book room using office365
  • Find your right meeting Room
  • Meeting Room management system
  • Smart meeting room manager
  • Book meeting room on fly using IOS &         Android applications
  • Inhouse customized solution
meeting room systems

Our meeting room management system is a beautiful touchscreen solution for all your meeting rooms to ensure they are used in a truly effective way. it can be integrated with your email servers to ensure seamless access to our meeting room management system. the administration provides a detailed report of how and which meeting room is being used, thus helping you cut costs if necessary.. Meeting intelligence starts with hassle free bookings..
There is always room for improvement, so get in touch with the tektronix technologies room management system. our cloud-based system can be deployed within various industries, like hospitality, corporate offices, industries, lounges, and many more. 

Meeting Room Booking System
Meeting Room Booking System