thermal imaging camera solution uae
thermal imaging camera uae

Body Temperature Measurement Thermal Camera integrated with designed portal and RD unit. Detect abnormal body or object temperature. Trigger alarm to alert personnel..

TEKTRON Non-Contact Human Temperature Detection & FACE RECOGNITION ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEM Solution

TEKTRON Non-Contact Human Temperature Detection Solution is based on the “Face Recognition + Infrared / Visible dual-sensor system”, powered by our industry-leading Deep Learning AI platform.

Based on the artificial intelligence platform, TEKTRON the infrared temperature measurement results are bundled and calibrated with the human face through the dual-light deep fusion technology and an alarm is triggered when a suspected fever person is found. thermal imaging camera price
Using Tektron’s proprietary light-weight, low power consumption, high performance CNN algorithm model – Shuffle Net has the capability to empower high accuracy AI algorithm model on edge analytics devices. The system can be deployed in a very short period of time at public places, realizing temperature screening in a non-contact manner through our AI technology?by thermal imaging camera

Thermal Imaging Camera for schools
Thermal camera uae
Thermal Imaging Camera

Face recognition system is made on face recognition algorithm and infrared temperature measurement algorithm. Its functions include living face recognition function, temperature display function, ultrasonic dynamic distance measurement function, and fever temperature alarm function. Forming a replacement “face comparison + temperature detection” bio metric testing solution, which meets a spread of application scenarios. The device opens the interface to the customer for secondary development, which helps to satisfy different needs and to fight for the Corona-Virus and various fever and disease!


Key Features of the Solution:

  • Dynamic Temperature Calibration – Intelligent passive blackbody technology, that accurately measures temperature in real-time, optimized for complex scenarios.
  • High Speed Temperature Measurement – Accurate temperature measurement for multiple people at the same time, also supporting multiple relays to operate with access control systems.
  • Non-contact Temperature Measurement – Supports non-contact measurement of multiple people up to distances of 4 meters.
  • Optimized Detection Model – Optimized detection model that identifies the forehead to measure the temperature of people even if they are wearing masks or hats. Forehead detection rate is > 99.9%.
  • Ultra-Precise Temperature Measurement – High accuracy within the range of 30°C – 45°C, with accuracy as high as ±1°C, in indoor conditions.
  • High Throughput – Ability to accurately measure the temperature of 6-8 people simultaneously.

Why Fever Detection?

In times of increasing mobility, infections don’t stop at national borders either. Whether Ebola, SARS or coronavirus: no-one wants to imagine the consequences of an epidemic or even a pandemic. That’s why it’s in the interest of public health to identify risk persons in large groups of people early. The operators of heavily frequented facilities such as airports, shopping malls or sports stadiums carry a special responsibility for disease prevention. thermal imaging camera
Tektron been providing professional Thermal Imaging Camera System for businesses in and around Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ras al-Khaimah, Ajman, Fujairah, Umm al-Quwain


Why Fever Measurement with Thermography?

An important indicator for an infection is increased body temperature (compared to other people in the immediate surroundings), generally known as fever. Thermography is the ideal method for scanning not just individuals, but also large flows of people. To do this, the temperature at the inner corner of the eye is measured, and an alarm triggered if it deviates. This allows persons with increased body temperature to be identified quickly and reliably, and to be isolated for more exact testing.

Non-contact surface temperature readings IR thermometer thermal imaging thermography camera for human body can effectively realize the temperature screening of dense population, and is suitable for the auxiliary prevention and control of epidemic in airport, stations, hospitals, schools, factories, hotels, residential areas and other places.

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TEKTRON 'S Human Body Temperature Measurement Solution UAE

Tektron intelligent Body temp detection solution

APPLICATIONS : Shopping Mall / Construction Site / Office Lobby / School / Child Care Center

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