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Tektronix Technologies is a pioneer in the field of GPS vehicle tracking within Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and the entire UAE. Telematics Solutions and services have been the backbone of Tektronix technologies since its inception in Dubai.
We have time and again, brought innovation and uniqueness to the field of Telematics solutions, and excelled within customer expectations and satisfaction. We are one of the few Telematics companies in Dubai, who are using Ai in our Vehicle GPS trackers.

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GPS Tracking Solution Dubai Sharjah Ajman

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What is a Real-Time GPS Tracker?

GPS satellite trackers are an ideal way to obtain accurate, real-time location-based information about a child, an adult, a vehicle, or even some other type of asset that you may have. These devices let you know exactly where something is (like a vehicle) with just a few quick clicks of a button.

Because of this ability, they can be great for theft prevention, fleet tracking (in the case of hardwired or OBD options), and other situations where such real-time, geographical information can help you accomplish a goal, GPS tracking systems, real-time GPS tracker.

Why Tektronix technologies GPS and Telematics Solutions?

Tektronix technologies Vehicle GPS trackers are not only accurate and effective but also tamperproof and shockproof. This means they can stand tough, off-road driving and are immune to tampering. Tektronix technologies  GPS trackers use the latest IoT technology along with artificial intelligence to work and assist the drivers and the transport managers in their day to day routine.

Features like Advanced Driver Assist System (ADAS) and Driver Management System (DMS) are key elements in making the lives of drivers and transport managers easy. Real-time audio and video feed sent via our MNVR and GPS trackers directly to the manager’s command center will help you keep a close eye on each vehicle
Our GPS trackers and other Telematics products are designed to follow the rules and regulations regulated by the RTA and the DOT within Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and the entire UAE

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Live GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems

Tektronix Technologies GPS Tracker is a service enabled through positioning technologies including GPS, GPRS and remote telemetry with application software, wireless communications to track, control and manage the vehicles in your fleet. Brought to you by Online Networks, a leading company involved in GPS and Internet and security based products. With a GPS device installed in your vehicles, we will empower you to track the exact locations of your vehicles and effectively manage them. The information is interfaced online or through SMS and could be accessed from your Computer or Mobile phone.

Highlights of services offered

  • Track your vehicles LIVE online through Internet ,Mobile or SMS using our live? vehicle tracking systems
  • Servers will be managed by UAE based Engineers.
  • Cost effective solution currently available in United Arab Emirates, GCC & African? Countries (Nobody can beat us on cost).
  • Multiple vehicle tracking on Google ,Bing, Open Street Map, with playback features.
  • Configure settings based on your needs, with our standard open architecture?? devices which can be added to any other service provider platform.
  • Can be used anywhere in the world.
  • The Presence of a tracking system to track bus traffic and determine its location record the speed of the bus and indicate its acceleration and maneuvering movement in deriving bus tracking system
  • Providing an introduction system for students linked to the bus tracking system ensures Sharjah special education authority ,RTA , education institutions and parents are always informed about location of buses and students
  • All school buses must be equipped with the following Electronic Systems , CCTV with continuous audio and video recording system, which you can access wirelessly in case of emergency storage capacity of al least 90 days before you new registration
Gps Tracking Systems

School Bus Tracking Solution

Tektron’s GPS tracking platform provides Real-Time GPS Tracking that enables you to share your current location on Google Maps. Our platform uses the dedicated server for customer login and vehicle monitoring. Our GPS tracking system is composed of commodity hardware, dedicated server, software platform, and an easy-to-manage user interface via a Web server with Google Map and mobile app for live tracking. Vehicle Tracking System

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Our tracking platform enables clients to plan routes and schedule their trips. Our high performance server have a back up of 60 days and can replay the routes and tracks with all the relevant information.
Detailed history reports

  • 6 month back up data
  • 0 % down time dedicated server



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