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Tektronix Technologies, Proudly bring a Fresh, Wide and Hi-Tech Range of Access Control Systems.Access Control Systems and Customized Solutions are the need of the hour. We believe access control systems are a vital part of an organization, to ensure, safe, easy and seamless access to the right people.
Every organization has different needs and unique requirements. Tektronix technologies specialized in customizing these needs and requirements. We believe in providing tailor-made solutions for each client. Al Hosn Api Integration 
Access control systems and solutions come in different shapes and various sizes. Be it the old school RFID cards, or the new age face recognition panels, be it time attendance systems or gate barriers, be it just integrating new-age software which streamlines your hardware, or our meeting room management device and software, Tektronix Technologies does it all.

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Tektronix technologies Smart Access Control Systems and Customized Solutions


Tektronix Technology System presents the TekVisit. Our Visitor Management System (VMS)
is customizable and can be integrated with all third party hardware installed in your premises.
The Tekvisit (VMS) is developed with customization and Versatility in mind. Aiming to get rid of older registration and visitor management system/practices like the log book.
It’s a sophisticated Visitor Management system which can be easily integrated with multiple of old and new hardware devices.


Access Control Ssytems

  • User Friendly
  • Visitor Badge / Pass with Photo ID
  • Multilingual
  • Streamlined Check in / Checkout process
  • Enhanced security with Biometrics and Face Recognition
  • Barcode Scanner systems
  • Email and SMS alert for acknowledgement of staff and visitors
  • Single pass for multiple entry/day
  • Customizable
  • Information at your finger-tips
  • Cost effective

  • Keep track of items issued/deposited
  • Simple, User-friendly and Attractive interface
  • English & Arabic Language support
  • Visitor Check In less than 20 seconds
  • Visitor Check Out with single click.
  • Advanced Search Filters
  • Maintains Visitors Histories
  • Maintains Contractor’s History
  • Contractor Check-in Module
  • Administration
  • User Roles and Privileges

  • Compatible with Desktop & Mobile Device Screens (Responsive)
  • Web Camera Integration
  • Active Directory Integration
  • Emergency Evacuation Report
  • Prints Visitors Pass
  • Email Notifications and SMS Notifications.
  • Notify Visitors who haven’t checked out
  • Black Listed Visitors
  • Detailed Reporting with multiple export options (PDF, Word, Excel, etc.)
  • Encrypted EID data and user data for security reasons.
  • Configuration and Settings


Tektronix technologies Face Recognition Based Access Control System, an intelligent access control system, which is built and powered using Ai and
IoT technology
. An Intelligent Facial Recognition Device is also capable of body temperature screening. Tektronix Technologies has outdone itself with the launch of this powerful device built to protect, safeguard and provide seamless and touchless access to the user under extreme circumstances.
It can be integrated with third-party devices ensuring that the use and application of Tektronix technologies Face Recognition panel, does not mean that the user has to throw out their existing and older technology, making it cost-effective.
Powered by Tektronix technologies industry-leading Ai vision algorithm and a high-performance processor, Tektronix technologies  Facial Recognition Terminal can perform instant face recognition as well as comparison within milliseconds, which gives seamless access.
Tektronix technologies Face Recognition Access Control Panel is equipped with 2-megapixel dual-lens camera which highly improves system security due to Tektronix technologies Ai’s anti attach algorithm.


Touch-less, Accurate, Wide range Temperature screening and monitoring technology to prepare and safeguard you for the new world.


High-Level Security

Tektronix technologies Face Recognition system is equipped with a Heavy-duty, trusted and reliable dual-lens liveness detection algorithm which protects against attacks and tricks like using videos, printed photos, portrait photo with an eye-hole, 3d Mask, etc.
Only the encrypted feature values saved in the front-end database are used to improve information security.

Strong Algorithm

Tektronix technologies Face Recognition system supports of over 50 thousand local faces programmed within the database, front-end to back-end comparison time is less than 1 second, which guarantees the passing efficiency.

High Reliability

Supports front-end and back-end comparison, and guarantees smooth operation even when the network is disconnected.

Easy Integration

Standard HTTP2 API, satisfies third-party integration requirements.

Infrared Temperature Measurement Technology Security

Adapt contactless high-infrared resolution technology, the accuracy of temperature screening can reach +- 0.5 C under typical ambient temperature.

Tektronix technologies Meeting Room Management System or meeting room booking software is designed to organize your office meeting rooms by avoiding confusion and conflict and ensuring hassle-free bookings using easy to use platforms like office 365 or outlook. thus increasing the productivity of your office environment.
Tektronix technologies meeting room management system is equipped with the latest in ai and IoT. these empowerments help our meeting room management system, avoid scheduling issues, and provide touchless access to the meeting rooms. This solution also helps reduce administration time and introduces a smarter, more sophisticated booking process into your workplace.
Our meeting room management system is a beautiful touchscreen solution for all your meeting rooms to ensure they are used in a truly effective way. it can be integrated with your email servers to ensure seamless access to our meeting room management system. the administration provides a detailed report of how and which meeting room is being used, thus helping you cut costs if necessary. Meeting intelligence starts with hassle-free bookings.
There is always room for improvement, so get in touch with the Tektronix technologies meeting room management system. our cloud-based system can be deployed within various industries, like hospitality, corporate offices, industries, lounges, and many more.

Meeting Room Management Software

Tektronix Technologies has successfully integrated face recognition panels to speed gate turnstiles which can be used in spaces like banks or corporate offices where safety, security and aesthetics are important so as to impress the visitors.
FR that can monitor body temperature while entering the premises is also equipped to raise an alarm if unauthorized person tries to enter without permission.
This makes our Smart Turnstiles customizable, one of the latest technology in access control system which are easy to use an install and a great way to secure your premises.

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Biometrics is body measurements and calculations related to human characteristics. Biometrics authentication (or realistic authentication) is used in computer science as a form of identification and access control. It is also used to identify individuals in groups that are under surveillance.
Biometrics Scanners which use your fingerprint to give you access to a certain area, are one the most common type of access control system today. Although a bit dated, yet they still hold a place in today’s world in certain scenarios where face recognition might now work, or in a high-security environment when dual authentication is required and necessary.
Weatherproof biometric scanners are a great way of ensuring that water and sun won’t affect your seamless access.
Various models and variants to choose from, Tektronix technologies Biometric access control devices are one of the best in its class on the UAE market today.

Biometrics access control