AI Integration UAE


Tektronix, brings its highly informed expertise in IoT (Internet of Things) and Artificial Intelligence (Ai) to the world. Tektronix has engineered the best in its class IoT solutions and Ai solutions. Tektronix can boast about being one of the best IoT Solutions and Ai solutions provider in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and All over the UAE IoT Companies Dubai , IoT Companies Abu Dhabi

Take advantage of our vast knowledge and expertise in Ai, Machine, and Deep learning model development, Big Data, and Cloud technology to successfully build, deploy, and manage AI solutions in your industry.

Tektronix Ai and IoT Technology have the potential of going to millions of devices, such as smartphones, tablets, vehicles, industrial machinery, and much more. Enabling these to become smarter by sharing data will help transform the world we live in. .

Smart City solutions

Our Team as always aimed at excellence in the technology worlds. We wanted to create products and solutions that not only solve the problems our clients face but the problems that the clients may not know they a solution to. Tektronix Technology System has adapted to the new world, where keeping the business seamless and touchless access is a key factor. (Tektronix Smart Access control solutions )

Areas of Focus


Smart hotel systems


Smart watches.




Smart car systems

Vending machines


Smart watches


Smart TV systems.


Interactive Displays

Industrial IoT (internet of things) Use Cases


Smart Hotel System

Smart room solution with tablet app for hotel chains

  • Custom Android tablet app that adapts to suite type
  • Guests can control all amenities and guest services
  • All essential information for guests, including flight schedule
  • Turnkey solution for the entire hotel
  • Designed to drive sales of guest services

Equipment Fault Prediction and Maintenance

Industrial Equipment sensors data collection and management platform for Machine Learning Predictive Maintenance

  • High Frequency optimized ingestion pipeline from multitude of sensors on industrial equipment
  • IoT Gateway integration with Cloud IoT
  • Big Data for telemetry data processing
  • Data Streaming real-time decisions
  • Extensible solution for predictive machine learning like Fault detection and proactive maintenance

Materials Tracking

Industrial Assets location and movement tracking for Supply Chain and ERP

  • Manual Materials tracking (Containers or Items) with Barcodes scans
  • Automatic Materials tracking with RFID and BLE
  • Tracking for movement, history and location proof
  • Solution for Medical industry, Industrial Warehouse Supply Chain