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Enabling Innovations by Embedded Systems Solutions

We provide Embedded System Software Development as per the demand and requirements of the clients. Over a brief span of your time the corporate has developed the expertise within the design and development of rugged embedded computing and communication sub-systems for various sensors and its fusions.

Our services in embedded systems are designed to assist you along the complete lifecycle of your project. Right from the conceptualization of a product, a customer-centric design, embedded prototype, the architecture of the end-to-end embedded solutions utilizing the cutting-edge embedded technologies, and the complete delivery – our software and systems engineering services cover a complete spectrum of solutions and services, as represented below:

embedded solution UAE
Embedded Systems UAE
embedded Software Dubai
embedded-solution- UAE
Embedded Systems
Embedded Systems UAE

Our end-to-end embedded solution helps boosting business with advance technology. It can be tailored as per the requirements of the individuals. its build to provide a full-fledged solutions in a much reliable & cost effective way. Our expertise in application engineering allows us to think a step ahead and foresee challenges that may arise on the field. We take care of the complete product development process right from conceptualization to prototyping. You can come with an idea and take back a complete product ready to Market.

Our Solutions

  • IoT Ecosystem Development
  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • Big Data Solutions
  • Sensors Data Collection
  • End-to-end Security
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Blockchain Integration
embedded-Systems UAE

Why Embedded systemS

Our development teams are proficient working on all the components of an embedded system, including but not only limited to RTOS (Real-time Operating System), Wi-Fi, secured storage, sensors, camera, drivers, audio/video, solar ,gps. We deliver the robust, well-tested and ready-to-market systems to our customers. This clearly reflects our strong focus on ‘total customer satisfaction’ by leaving no stones unturned when it comes to quality.
We continue to serve several industry verticals with our services in embedded systems engineering and software engineering. Whereas this is a clear testimony to our service excellence, it also means that we bring along immense vertical expertise that helps us serve you better and deliver every result with perfection.

  • We provide solutions for traffic monitoring, crowd monitoring with real-time vehicle and human detections along with some advance parking management systems.
  • We provide smart energy monitoring solutions like how much a user is consuming power and water with enabling real-time data updation using our IoT platforms.
  • We help monitor or control Industrial Automation, e.g. Voltage, temperature, current, and hazard detecting systems, data collection systems, assembly line, monitoring systems on pressure.
  • Our contribution by leading a step towards smart city, the Smart waste management which can detect the dustbin and drainage systems. Helps save time and fuel.

Areas of Focus


Smart hotel systems


Smart watches.




Smart car systems

Vending machines


Smart watches


Smart TV systems.


Interactive Displays

Industrial IoT (internet of things) Use Cases


Smart Hotel System

Smart room solution with tablet app for hotel chains

  • Custom Android tablet app that adapts to suite type
  • Guests can control all amenities and guest services
  • All essential information for guests, including flight schedule
  • Turnkey solution for the entire hotel
  • Designed to drive sales of guest services
  • Equipment Fault Prediction and Maintenance

    Industrial Equipment sensors data collection and management platform for Machine Learning Predictive Maintenance

  • High Frequency optimized ingestion pipeline from multitude of sensors on industrial equipment
  • IoT Gateway integration with Cloud IoT
  • Big Data for telemetry data processing
  • Data Streaming real-time decisions
  • Extensible solution for predictive machine learning like Fault detection and proactive maintenance
  • materials-tracking

    Materials Tracking

    Industrial Assets location and movement tracking for Supply Chain and ERP

  • Manual Materials tracking (Containers or Items) with Barcodes scans
  • Automatic Materials tracking with RFID and BLE
  • Tracking for movement, history and location proof
  • Solution for Medical industry, Industrial Warehouse Supply Chain