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Looking at your pool on a nice spring day, you take in the setting, smile, and think about the upcoming summer days and the countless hours you will spend floating comfortably in the water. As your favorite music plays in the background, you watch the wind gently blow the branches in the trees as the birds chirp happily away.

Yet, despite all these pleasant thoughts, a lingering thought continues to nag at you:  “IS MY POOL REALLY SAFE ?”

Adult supervision is your first and best layer of defense. While additional layers of protection add to the safety of your pool, nothing replaces proper supervision. However, that supervision can and does fail. A study by the Consumer Product Safety Commission showed that 69% of drowning incidents occur when one or both parents were responsible for watching the child. These statistics alone are frightening; however, they aren’t the only reasons why you should consider developing home swimming pool safety tips for your family.

Don’t be the only eyes on your pool: invest in a pool security system

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Swimming pool nets are essential safety barriers that prevent children and pets from entering your swimming pool, protecting them from potential harm. They are easy-to-use and relatively low-cost safety solutions with a proven track record for saving the lives of children. They’re made with ultra-strong polyethylene netting and are independently tested to hold up to the weight, enough for a child and two adults. 

Automatic pool cover

Automatic pool cover installation


In other words, supervision is the best idea to protect your children from an accident around your pool. However, supervision isn’t 100% foolproof, and we all know mistakes and errors in judgment happen. Tektronix can install your swimming pool safety fence the same day, giving you peace of mind that your little ones are safe and secure away from the pool if you’re not there We also install lockable automatic self-closing gates, so when you are not there you know the pool area is safe


A surveillance camera lets you 24/7 continuously monitor your pool area, even when you are away. Compared with other swimming pool safety supplies or security guards, it is much more reliable for both inground and above-ground pools. Any footage in the detected area recorded can also be used as legal evidence, if you fall into a lawsuit. You and your family would not feel uncomfortable with cameras in a private backyard pool, for the live and recorded video would not be viewed by other people. All our cameras have HD video quality and excellent night vision, motion detection, remote mobile viewing, and other features a home swimming pool security camera should have.

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Swimming pool alarm and motion detectors

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Your home may have smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and maybe even a security alarm. These products help protect you and your loved ones from heartbreaking tragedies inside your home.

But what about outside? If you have a swimming pool in your backyard, and you have children, the potential for an accident is high. Kids and pools just go together. Sadly, unintentional drowning kills more than 700 children in the United States each year.

What makes these statistics even more disturbing is that every single one of these pool-related accidents is completely preventable.

While it’s only one component of a comprehensive plan to make your pool safer, a pool alarm is a wise investment. And depending on where you live, you may even be required by law to install one.

Keep pool time fun … and safe, with Tektronix Technologies llc