Optimize your traffic, staff and marketing strategies to increase conversion rates and profits with actionable data.

Every business with a physical space should count customer traffic in order to see the bigger picture of what is going on in their business. Whether you are a shopping center, retail chain, museum, library, sporting venue, bank,restaurant or other… People Counting data will help you make well informed decisions about your business.
Real Time People Counting.

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People Counting In Retail

Retail stores are dynamic environments with ever-changing customer behavior so people counting is vital for retailers for them to know the exact number of visitors, the exact number of visitors that turned into buyers and their optimal number of staff to customer ratio to maximize customer satisfaction.People Counting Supermarket , people counting Supermarket UAE , People counting system in abu dhabi , people coun ,

Retail People Counting System in Dubai Sharjah Ajman Abu Dhabi

Traffic counting solution in dubai sharjah ajman abu dhabi


Traffic Turning Counts

Our experienced team can count any junction layout that varies from a basic T-Junction to a complex multiple camera roundabout or Big Gyratory with any number of vehicle Classification. We are specialized in 100% Lane-by-Lane Vehicle tracking on Large roundabouts.Traffic counting system, Traffic counting solutions ,Traffic counting survey ,Traffic classifications,Traffic counting software,Tis study,Tis survey dubai

Traffic Counitng Solutions in Dubai Sharjah Ajman ABu Dhbai

Link Counts

We can supply accurate Link count data with any number of vehicle classifications depending upon the client’s requirements. The Link counts can be carried on from a quiet rural road to a busy motorway/highway..

Traffic Counting Software

Non-Motorised Users (NMU) Counts

We can supply a wide range of NMU classification. Some of them include Pedestrians by Gender, Cyclists by Gender, Equestrians, Wheelchair Users, Visually impairs, Elderly, School Children, Prams etc., We can carry out NMU counts on a signallised crossing, Zone to Zone crossing, Crossing within individual arms of a Junction, Crossing between arms of a junction, on a Traffic Island and even track NMU between Different O-D points. We can also identify the pedestrian desired lines..

Queue Length Analysis

We can supply different queues depending upon the client’s requirement. This includes maximum queue & minimum queue in any interval, Average queue length, Queue at the start of Green phase and Queue delay surveys etc. We even have experience of tracking the queue back form one exit of the motorway to the other using multiple cameras.


We have a rich experience in monitoring the servicing activity on any road. This includes monitoring the delivery vehicle’s entry time, exit time, their parking behavior, delivery destinations, other activities etc. This information will be supplied along with the vehicle class..

Taxi Rank Monitoring

We have a lot of experience in monitoring the taxi ranks. We can supply the Taxi arrival time, departure time, position in the queue, whether they left the rank with the passenger or not and other unusual behaviors etc. Traffic Counting Systems Abu Dhabi

Parking Surveys

We have carried out numerous parking surveys on Streets, Supermarkets, Hospitals, Parking lots etc. We can supply the total In/Out of the parking, Accumulation information at any point of time, Individual parking bay information etc. If the parking beat survey is carried out manually, we can utilize our data entry operators to convert the details on the paper into the Excel form or any depending upon the client’s requirements.

Automatic Counts (ATC) Reporting

Our analysts have a wide knowledge of extracting the tube information and generating the reports with importance to different factors like class, speed, volume etc depending upon the client’s requirements.

Traffic Conflict Studies

This is an unusual study that we carry out for some our clients where we monitor and report the conflicts between vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists, equestrians etc. This study is normally carried out at busy touristy areas.

Illegal Traffic Movements

We monitor and report the illegal movements carried out on some specific roads using the CCTV footages. These activities are monitored over a very long period of time to ascertain the volume of such illegal traffic movements. These can also be monitored as part of the Traffic Turning Counts. Traffic counting system, Traffic counting solutions ,Traffic counting survey ,Traffic classifications,Traffic counting software,Tis study,Tis survey dubai

Level Crossing Monitoring and Reporting

We are experts in monitoring Railway Level Crossings and have already monitored more than 200 such crossings. We extract the Barrier Down time and Up time, Train arrival, direction, Pedestrian crossings, vehicle movements, Traffic turning at the vicinity of the crossing and any Blocking back traffic at the level crossing. We also observe unusual parking or any maintenance work, vehicles jumping the barriers, pedestrians trying to cross when the barrier is down etc.

Train Station Surveys

We do a lot of train station surveys where we extract a number of information like Boarding/Alighting information on train, pedestrian activity on the platform, subways, Drop off/Pick up at the entrance, Waiting times for Taxi/Private cars, Other shuttle bus information etc.

Bus Station/Stop Surveys

Using the video footage, we monitor the Bus arrival time, departure time, boarding, alighting counts by gender & age, Bus service number and any other information depending upon the client’s requirement. Traffic counting system, Traffic counting solutions ,Traffic counting survey ,Traffic classifications,Traffic counting software,Tis study,Tis survey dubai