Alhosn QR Code Scanner

Tektronix Technologies presents Al hosn App QR code Scanners & API integration access control system

The latest implementation by the UAE government is where you will be required to scan your vaccine and RT-PCR status checked whenever you enter a commercial building, Malls, Cinemas and other public domains. .

Considering the need of the hour we believe that places like malls, community halls, airports, corporate offices, schools, Hospitals, Hotels, etc. need to be safe, easy and accessible to the right people. With the implementation of Ai and IoT integration, Tektronix Technology has launched the Al Hosn App QR code scanner, which can be installed anywhere, for Big and Small businesses. Just Scan your Al Hosn app QR code from your mobile upon entry.


The Scanner turning GREEN is for GO.
The Scanner turning RED is for STOP.
This scanner Prevents the spread, of COVID 19 and encourages Complete Vaccination for all citizens and tourists.
 Tektronix Technologies supplies a very secure, reliable, seamless and fraud-proof QR code reader & Facial Recognition solution is integrated with the AL HOSN app. These QR code readers ensure the Covid test status, vaccination status of a visitor entering your premises which are secured with Tektronix Technologies QR code reader.

alhosn qr code readers

Application Areas:







-Corporate offices

-Government offices/campus


-Metro Stations



-Amusement parks

Our customized solutions are integrated with the AL HOSN app.:-

-Access Control Systems.

-Face Recognition.

QR Code Reader.

AL HOSN App QR code scanner integrated with visitor management system

Tektronix Technologies Presents Al hosn App QR code Scanners with Access Control Systems

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