Case Studies For Tektronix Technologies

No Child Left Behind

No Child behind uae


In School Buses, Children often tend to sleep and sometimes due to human error are left behind. Since the bus gets locked, they are unable to get out, often the kids don’t know what to do in such situation, leading to adverse effects due to extreme heat within the bus as the buses are parked outside in the sun. This has lead to some horrific results in the past.


Tektronix Technology came with a solution to this problem by adding Ai technology to their TEKBUS.This enabled tekbus to identify a child, trapped in the bus. Once the tekbus identifies a child, it can immediately unlock the doors and alert the authorities. Another solution to this problem within the tekbus is the people counting method. In this method, the Tekbus Ai can count the number of students that board the bus before reaching the school. On arrival as the students exit the bus, the Tekbus Ai conducts another count and matches the numbers with the “students boarded” number. If the numbers do not tally, the system is programmed to unlock the door and alert the authorities..


Tektraffic Solutions UAE


When a new infrastucture is to be constructed or when a plot is to be assigned for a special purpose, the govt tends to conduct a road and traffic survey, through which they determine various factors. In earlier days, such surveys were conducted manually, later with help of tubes and then via recorded videos.
These videos were sent to a company which would slow down the videos and then conduct the surveys manually over months. Thus a single week’s video would take months to process. Wasting time and human resources and slowing down progress.


Tektronix Technology has developed a fast, accurate and a completely reliable solution for this problem. Using Ai and IoT technology, Tektronix Technologies was able to conduct the road and traffic surveys within mere hours. Using the Tektronix edge computing cameras on the location, we can conduct these surveys in real-time. Our
also works with pre-recorded footage and can give accurate results with over 95% accuracy within mere hours. The
Tektronix Ai
can identify and classify over 15 various vehicle classifications as regulated by the authorities and can conduct over 20 various surveys. This solution has been able to save time, human resources and increase productivity..

Visitor Management System

Visitor Access Control UAE


Having Visitors is often a good thing, but sometime it could be a hassle, both for you and your visitor. The visitor had to manually enter their information in logbooks & registers, the the receptionist would then call the person who is suppose to meet the visitor, then tell the visitor where to go, how to reach there. Keeping track of the visitor was yet another thing more than often they would wander off and get lost into an area they weren’t allowed into. This was a problem not only for the visitor but also for the company, their employees and even the temp contractors hired to do a certain task within the premises. This compromised security caused inconvenience andcreated confusion..


Tektronix Technologies, has implemented Ai technology with their top of the line, bilingual visitor management software. Using this software, the visitor can either, present their official document at the reception, where it is scanned and all their information is transferred into the company system within seconds or they can fill out a form sent to them via email by the employee, they have a meeting with and send it back to the company, and when they enter the premises they are identified by the picture they had uploaded and are given seamless access at the time of their meeting.
The visitor is also informed about which meeting room they are suppose to go into, via the
The employee with whom the visitor is supposed to meet is also informed about the arrival of the visitor, hence avoid any confusion. The visitor is given access to the meeting room, via the Bluetooth soft card which is given to the visitor on the dedicated VMS mobile application designed for both android and iOs.
Our Visitor Management System is also known as tekVisit is a solution which solves more than existing problems and makes it convenient and easy for the office administration.
Our Visitor management software and system was built to be compatible with various 3rd party hardware manufacturers. This proved to be a key factor in Tekvisit being versatile and flexible throughout all our clients. This saves the client a huge cost of installing new hardware when deploying Tekvisit with their campus or premises.

Tektronix Social Distance Monitoring System.

Social Distance Monitoring


The year 2020 brought a lot with it, be the emergence of sars-cov-2 or the safety measures we all had to adapt in the new world. One such safety measure we all are well aware of is maintaining social distancing within public places and offices.
Violation of this safety measure can lead to heavy fines imposed on office and shop owners, who see a lot of public activity daily. Sometimes it gets difficult to be aware of the rules when you are in an office meeting or while shopping. In such cases, if and when you violate this rule, the chances of spreading the virus increases, also you may end up being penalised.


Tektronix Technologies realises the importance of social distancing in the new world. It also realises that sometimes, social distancing is innocently overlooked by some people.
For such scenarios, Tektronix Technologies has come up with a solution using their Ai technology implemented upon the cctv cameras within your premises. The Tektronix Ai can calculate the size of the room, based upon the parameters set within its computing system. Now whenever a human enters the room, the system can detect and trace his/her movements within the room. If and when a second of a third person enters the room, the Our Social Distance Monitoring solution can then trace their movement as well and determine if the two or more people present within the room have maintained the basic social distance between them or not. If they have not, then an alarm is triggered when informs the people in that room about their violation. The data log and record for each alarm is maintained as per the rules and regulations. This record can further be used to discipline repeated offenders.
This has helped business owners avoid heavy fines regulated by the authorities. But Most importantly this solution was designed to Break the chain and stop the spread.

Solutions for Towing Trucks

Towing Truck Solutions UAE


Every day, hundreds of cars are picked in a towing truck, be it by the law enforcing officers or for transporting a new or a broken-down vehicle from point A to point B. When such cars are picked up by the said towing trucks, the people in charge at the time have to process a lot of paperwork which take times and is often misfiled by the car owner or the towing truck driver or the law enforcing officer. This causes chaos withing the system and confusion.Also, it is a bit difficult to get a precise location manually. This paperwork can also be tedious as a lot of factors need to be registered.


Tektronix Technologies has successfully come up with a solution for this problem with help of their Ai and

IoT technology. By installing an AioT box, sensors and cameras on the towing truck we have come up with a solution which is triggered as soon as a car is raised on the towing truck ramp.
It begins with the camera, recording video of the car being picked on the towing truck so that there is video evidence of the state in which the car was loaded. This camera is powered with Ai and can, determine the make and model of the car by certain parameters taught to the Ai engine, like for example determining the manufacturer of the car based on the logo on the car. It also reads the registration Number plate of the car and using OCR technology, can convert the image of that number plate into usable text data. The precise location, date and time of the pickup and drop off spot is also registered at the same time. This data can later be used to determine a lot of things.
Making the process of picking up and dropping off cars using towing trucks more streamlined and organised. This solution also eliminates any possibilities of human errors.

Tektronix ANPR Technology.

ANPR Solutions UAE


Manually Reading and remembering the registration plate of a vehicle, while it is moving is very difficult and leaves a lot of room for errors.Be it for manual road and traffic surveys, or for collecting data, it can be tedious, time-consuming and unreliable.


Tektronix Technology has developed an ANPR engine, which is based on OCR and Ai technology. This engine is capable of reading a video or an image and then finding the number plate on a vehicle using Ai and then converting the image representation of a number plate to usable text data which can be used as per the requirement. This solution can also be used in tracing cars, keeping records and creating black and white lists where necessary.

Vehicle Over-height detection.



If a vehicle which is too high tries to enter a tunnel or a gate or parking space not tall enough to accommodate such vehicles.
The results are always dangerous and can cause heavy damages, both to the tunnel, or parking gate and to the vehicle. Destroying Property which creates traffic halts operations and takes a time and financial compensation to repair and rectify.


Using the Tektronix Technologies Ai, IoT and Tektronix Analytics,
We were able to detect Over-height vehicles. Using AioT technology, our sensors are calibrated to allow only decided heightened vehicles to pass. In a scenario where a vehicle whose height is more than the allowed limit attempts to pass, an alarm is triggered and the vehicle driver is instructed to stop the vehicle before they enter. Necessary further actions like enforcing fines or re-routing the vehicle are taken by the authorities.

Thus preventing damages, fines and accidents and saving time and need for financial expenditure.

Tektronix Employee and Visitor Tracking Solution.


Every Campus or Premises which contains a lot of cctv cameras, or requires constant monitoring or cannot afford a single camera going down, is always under the pressure of performing and staying vigilant.
In scenarios like a bank, a locker or a government building, CCTV camera downtime can result in the loss of millions. Tracking a suspicious individual through various cameras as he keeps moving from part of the premises to the other, can also be challenging for the people in the control room.
Even searching a single camera in the list of multiple cameras can also be very excruciating and time-consuming.
Such problems in critical scenarios can result in, loss of time, money, in some cases lives or a culprit getting away


Tektronix Technologies being a core IT Solutions Company and having worked in the CCTV industry for a long time is quite aware of the risks and perils of such situations.
Using our year of expertise in networking and using our Ai technology, Tek-Manager was created.
A SURVEILLANCE AND NETWORK MONITORING SOLUTION, which streamlined all the devices connected within the network ensuring zero downtime for all the devices, be cameras, the ports, switches or the NVR.
The Tek-manager can also perform various tasks like Advanced Hard Disk management, Cloud P2P server to reach cameras over the Internet, Manage up to 256 IP cameras with Multi-Layout Monitor and creating Customized E-maps.
This solution has aided business, institutions and organizations in Monitoring the health of IP Cameras & all network devices, Gaining visibility in network traffic patterns, Automating network change and configuration management, Analyzing and troubleshooting Camera and WAN issues.

Visitor & employee, Tracking and Monitoring Solution


Once an employee enters his work premises, or when a visitor enters your office or store, there is no option but for someone to manually keep an eye on their whereabouts. In a large work premise, it is hard and next to impossible to keep a track of all the employees and visitors/customers at the same time.

An employee wastes time, mingling and socializing while the visitor might be lost and doesn’t know which way to go. Both employees and visitors sometimes enter areas in which they are not allowed. Be it intentionally or unintentionally in either case the rules are broken.

In today’s world post-2020, keeping an eye on social distancing protocols, contact tracing safety & security, SOS alerts and efficiency calculations are some major concerns that can deeply affect a business. In a large company or large premises, monitoring these factors manually is not completely reliable and there is a chance of human error.

Plus creating Data and Incident reports can be a huge task if done manually


The Tek-visitor & Employee Tracking and Monitoring solution is developed with Tektronix’s expertise in Ai and IoT technology, Along with years of experience in network devices. The Tek-visitor and employee-manager are programmed to inform the on-site authorities if there is any violation in social distancing protocols if an employee or a visitor seems like he might need medical assistance or if an employee has been slacking off and not contributing to the productivity of the company.

These alerts automatically create a data record, to be used in case of an employee or a visitor needs to be disciplined into complying with the safety measures or if necessary in any legal case. These data records are created in compliance with the rules regulated by the government authorities.

In case of an Infection, to either an employee or a visitor, contact tracing of the infected is also possible using the Tek-Visitor & Employee management and Tracking Solutions.

Real-time tracking is also possible This tracking happens seamlessly without any manual intervention. Additionally, it is data-oriented leaving no room for discrepancies.

Various features of Tek-Visitor & Employee management and tracking Solution include,
For employees: Efficiency Calculation, Time and Payroll Tracking, Employee Performance Evaluation, Proxy Attendance Prevention.
For visitors : Accident Prevention and Tailgating Prevention.

Such features have ensured and resulted in a seamless and reliable data collection methods. Which saves time, money and increases productivity.


Al Hosn QR Code

The latest implementation by the UAE government is where you will be required to scan your vaccine and RT-PCR status checked whenever you enter a commercial building, Malls, Cinemas and other public domains

Tektronix Technologies supplies a very secure, reliable, seamless and fraud-proof QR code reader & Facial Recognition solution is integrated with the AL HOSN app. These QR code readers ensure the Covid test status, vaccination status of a visitor entering your premises which are secured with Tektronix Technologies QR code reader…