AL HOSN APP QR Code Reader & API integration access control system by Tektronix Technologies

Taking into consideration of government guidelines and the safety of your premises, Tektronix Technologies proudly brings a customized & high-tech Range of QR code readers & Facial recognition Solution integrated with Al HOSN App to provide you secure and healthy and safe premises.

Considering the need of the hour we believe that places like malls, community halls, airports, corporate offices, schools, Hospitals, Hotels, etc. need to be safe, easy and accessible to the right people.

 Tektronix Technologies supplies a very secure, reliable, seamless and fraud-proof QR code reader & Facial Recognition solution is integrated with the AL HOSN app. These QR code readers ensure the Covid test status, vaccination status of a visitor entering your premises which are secured with Tektronix Technologies QR code reader…

Al Hosn QR Code
Type – Terminal
Connectivity – Wi-Fi
Application – Mobile
Handling – Small
Operating System – Android
Weight (kg) – 0.6720
Dimensions (cm) – 24x7x20
Width(cm) – 24
Height(cm) – 7
Length (cm) – 20
Nr. of pcs in package – 1
Weight (kg) – 0.5606
Dimensions (cm) – 19.5×12.5×11.5
Width(cm) – 19.5
Height(cm) – 12.5
Length (cm) – 11.5
alhosn qr code readers
Alhosn QR Code Scanner

Application Areas:







-Corporate offices

-Government offices/campus


-Metro Stations



-Amusement parks

Our customized solutions are integrated with the AL HOSN app.:-

-Access Control Systems.

-Face Recognition.

-QR Code Reader.


Tektronix technologies AL HOSN APP INTEGRATION  Face Recognition Based Access Control System, an intelligent access control system, which is built and powered using Ai and
IoT technology
. An Intelligent Facial Recognition Device is also capable of body temperature screening. Tektronix Technologies has outdone itself with the launch of this powerful device built to protect, safeguard and provide seamless and touchless access to the user under extreme circumstances.
It can be integrated with third-party devices ensuring that the use and application of Tektronix technologies Face Recognition panel, does not mean that the user has to throw out their existing and older technology, making it cost-effective.
Powered by Tektronix technologies industry-leading Ai vision algorithm and a high-performance processor, Tektronix technologies  Facial Recognition Terminal can perform instant face recognition as well as comparison within milliseconds, which gives seamless access.
Tektronix technologies Face Recognition Access Control Panel is equipped with 2-megapixel dual-lens camera which highly improves system security due to Tektronix technologies Ai’s anti attach algorithm.


Touch-less, Accurate, Wide range Temperature screening and monitoring technology to prepare and safeguard you for the new world.


High-Level Security

Tektronix technologies Face Recognition system is equipped with a Heavy-duty, trusted and reliable dual-lens liveness detection algorithm which protects against attacks and tricks like using videos, printed photos, portrait photo with an eye-hole, 3d Mask, etc.
Only the encrypted feature values saved in the front-end database are used to improve information security.

Strong Algorithm

Tektronix technologies Face Recognition system supports of over 50 thousand local faces programmed within the database, front-end to back-end comparison time is less than 1 second, which guarantees the passing efficiency.

High Reliability

Supports front-end and back-end comparison, and guarantees smooth operation even when the network is disconnected.

Easy Integration

Standard HTTP2 API, satisfies third-party integration requirements.

Infrared Temperature Measurement Technology Security

Adapt contactless high-infrared resolution technology, the accuracy of temperature screening can reach +- 0.5 C under typical ambient temperature.

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